Independent Baptist Church, Big Lake, Alaska.

A Baptist Mid-Missions Missionary church, member of the Alaska Baptist Association.

A fundamental, King James Bible preaching church pastored by Rev. Doug Ferrett.


Offering Communion to the saved, the church has these regularly scheduled services open to the general public:

PoBox 520803
Big Lake, Ak 99652
(907) 892-7327


Special events and outreaches:



Adult, teen, and child and young-married couple Sunday School: 10:00

Sunday Worship Service: 11:00

Sunday Evening Service: 6:00 pm

Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 7:00 pm

An hour and a half north of Anchorage.  Glenn Highway to the Parks Highway to the Big Lake Cutoff road, 2.5 miles. Right next to the big red auto repair shop sign.
  • Sunday evening Singspirations rotating through local ABA churches.
  • Fellowship dinners 1st Sun. every month.
  • Communion Services once every month.
  • Ice cream "Sundae Sunday" evening fellowship 3rd Sun. every month.
  • Point-Mac prison ministry each Thursday.
  • Men's fellowship breakfast and Bible study 1st Saturday every month.
  • Woman's crafting and Bible study 3rd Saturday every month.
  • Bible Distribution most Wednesday Nights.



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